Bandile Bertrand Leopeng

An all-encompassing definition of Bandile Bertrand Leopeng is one that will be in a constant state of fluctuating experiences defining the totality of my life. I am currently practicing as a Counselling Psychologist developing an alternative and decolonised methodology for innovative engagement.

I believe in the intricate workings of the human brain in attempting to make sense of existence, non-existence, everything and nothing.

I am a martial-artist in the discipline of boxing. I have amateur and professional aims of personal attainment, excellence, discipline and success. My athleticism is extends beyond a segmented time or place. It is the nature of my living

  • I wake up on most days at 04:00 and run a minimum of 10km daily
  • I practice daily intermittent fasting (going between 17-18 hours in between meals)
  • I am constantly studying techniques to improve the performance of the body for longevity, functional strength, muscle generation, neuroplasticity, and emotional wellbeing
  • I eat a mostly raw vegan diet
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We need to begin to think about the ecology of the body, and it’s liminal transience.  For instance, The exists in an interaction between what’s inside your skull and its body, and the body in the world. That’s where perception lives. It is easy for us to become distracted from the fact that in this modern contemporary digital world, that we evolved in this body, in this body in this world, and that’s where we make meaning of the interaction. Perception is in the space between.

The Phenomenology of the Body is a Consciousness we must be acquainted with in order to experience an holistic existence. The purpose of this website is to actualize a body-conscious secular ascetic experience. I am inspired by many health promoting individuals, ideas, and organisations. Accruing information, evaluating and critiquing it sets the basis for an epistemology of the Self. Ideally, the Self as Existence. Living matter manifested as cells, physiological processes, and consciousness. Through exercise, nutrition, meditation, and consistent daily studying one can come to modify the vicissitudes of self towards the aid of positive transformation.


Living Philosophy

The way I live my life is imperative in the development of a self-aware consciousness. It filters through in all aspects of my existence, at a fundamental level. Mind is Matter…I am often astounded at how lifestyle choices greatly impact our way of being. Modern-Day human beings are far-removed from the naturalistic phenomenology of their inherent physicality. At a base level, we are manifestations of matter and energy interactions. Consider the following by Alan Watts:


This entails a dynamic process-interaction. We tend to view ourselves as inseparable entities existing within a place called the universe. I believe this is mistaken; rather, from the moment of The Big Bang (perhaps even before), matter has been evolving, energy transferring, and spacetime interacting i.e. motion. Yet, most humans in a capitalistic, consumerist-driven, over-consumption, and under-exercised society are unaware of our fundamental interconnectedness with existence. Anxiety, stress-related diseases, and obesity are the highest in human history (

This signals that factors subject to our own volition are widely responsible for how we experience our lives.

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